The Team

What on Net are we?

We are and do what our name suggests: we take adventures in ideas, especially if it’s unorthodox and unconventional and can create loyalty beyond reason for those we represent. We are not your typical ad agency, it’s not just radio, television and print for us, there is also the latent unknown. We believe there are other non-evasive ways of appealing to the client so we probe beyond the far reaches of creativity to the insightful. Traditional advertising has so lost its zestful ‘punchiness’; it’s led to spectator indifference…and we are doing something about that.

Our Itch…

We got bored with the hum-drum of orthodox messaging in marketing communication. We think there’s so much more to advertising than your typical radio, tv or print. What else is there? Well, that’s the good part: we don’t know, but that’s exactly what tickles our fancy:) Not knowing means there is no box to unpack anything from, its afflatus or nothing. Maybe it’s guerrilla marketing, maybe it’s web or interactive, perhaps it’s smell (who knows)? Whatever it is or may be, its bound to be an adventure. That being said, what can’t we do for you?



William Adei
William is an expert lensman, design head, computer guru, our resident motivator and in-house comedian. He is the nanny we never asked for but love wholeheartedly.
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Aaron Awuku Anim
Aaron is the “mover” with virtually no off switch. He gets things done…and he gets it done fast.
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Benjamin Wilson Fianu
Chief Idea Generator & Curator. Difference Maker. Divisive Blogger. Rock Music Enthusiast. Avid Gamer. Movie Critic. Download Guru. Stunt Double for Idris Elba.
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Edward Dwemoh
His visual prowess is matched only by his need for perfection. Edward is a certified reggae enthusiast…sans the “high”.
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Nana Yaw Otu-Boateng
A Wordsmith (full stop) He has more than a decade's experience in advertising, having been stewed in the juices of Saatchi and Saatchi with a pinch of Publicis and a hint of DDB. He zigs when others zag.
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Nana Yaw Agyemang Sarpong
A passionate individual, real life panda, lover of music and an ace bass guitarist. Nana is the heart and takes care of our family of clients. He wears the hat of a jester very well.
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